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Cartoon sheep knitting

Welcome to the Knit Wits page! This is the place to go if you need help remembering how to do some knitting basics, as well as links to awesome patterns and other knitting fun! Knit Wits meet every Tuesday and Wednesday at lunch recess and we keep each other in stitches with laughter and good times!

How to Make a Slipknot

Before you can start knitting, you need to put stitches on your needle. Your very first stitch is actually a slip knot. A slip knot is really useful because it the loop that make can be loosened or tightened very easily. Once you make your slip knot, you can put it on your knitting needle and begin to cast on. Check out the video or download the printable instructions!
How to Make a Slip Knot - Video by Mrs. Zammit

How to do a Long Tail Cast On

The next step to knitting is casting on stitches. There are numerous ways to cast on, but this is a great method for beginner knitters. The long tail cast on using your thumb creates a nice stretchy edge on your finished project. Just remember to give yourself enough tail yarn to put on your stitches and still have enough yarn to weave into your work after you finish knitting. Check out this step-by-step instruction sheet for details on how to cast on!
How to do a Long Tail Cast On - Video by Mrs. Zammit


How to do the Knit Stitch

It's finally time to start knitting! Click on the video below to watch Mrs. Zammit demonstrate the knit stitch. You can also link to the PDF below to get step-by-step instructions on how to do the knit stitch, as well as links to other videos to help you knit like a pro!