Welcome to Our Lady of Lourdes Library!
This is our happy place, where a love of reading and learning is inspired and encouraged every day!
The library is open to all students every morning from 8:40 to 8:55 a.m. for book exchange and quiet reading. Please get permission from your yard supervisor before visiting the library.
Librarian: Mrs. M. Zammit, B.A. Hons., MLIS
Hello my friends!
Come and visit with me for a story! Some will be read by me, but we have some fun read alouds by authors and celebrities, too!
Today is Crazy Hair Day at OLOL, so let's enjoy Crazy Hair Day, written and illustrated by Barney Salzberg. Here is Barney reading his book - which we have in our library, by the way!
Our story today is Bunny's Noisy Book by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Lisa McCue
Hello Parents!
If your child is in FDK or Grades 1 and 2, they have been participating in a very cool reading program known as Blue Spruce. Starting in January, I was reading a Canadian picture book to these classes each week. There are ten books in total and this month we would have had our Voting Day party, where they would get to vote for their favourite book and enjoy a cookie (or two) with me. The votes would then be submitted by me to the Ontario Library Association, where they would be counted along with the votes submitted by schools across Ontario. In May, the winning book would be announced and the author and illustrator would receive the Blue Spruce Award.
This program is so amazing. Students get to be judges. They get an opportunity to hear some awesome Canadian books being read to them. They get to think critically about those words and pictures. And best of all, they get to decide which book earns the distinction of being the very best.
I am sad that we cannot continue to read the books together in the classroom, but I hope that parents can help me out by bringing your children here to listen to the stories. Most of us got to The Reptile Club or Sleep, Sheep! I am posting all the videos here, in alphabetical order by title, read by the amazing authors of these books. If you like, please watch these videos with your child. You can watch all ten or pick up where we left off. I am in the process of determining how to set up voting online. Please be patient. The good news is we have until June 1 to submit votes. When I have it all figured out I will send the information via your child's teacher. If you have a child in Grade 1 or 2 and they are accessing the VLE every day, please note the Library has its own VLE and I have posted the videos there as well. Just click on RESOURCES - select CONTENT from the drop-down menu, and then look for the FOREST OF READING folder.
Thank you for your assistance with keeping this wonderful program running! I miss all those smiling faces I see every week in the library. If you need to reach out to me with questions, please do so through the Library's VLE or through your child's teacher. Thanks!
Book 1: Emma's Gems - I read this to every class already.
Book 2: Giraffe and Bird Together Again - I read this to every class already.
Book 3: Me, Toma and the Concrete Garden - I ready this to every class already.
Book 4: The Magic Boat - I read this to every class already.
Book 5: Mustafa: I read this to every class already.
Book 6: A Plan for Pops - I read this to every class already.
Book 7: The Reptile Club - I read this to every class except Campbell/Dencev
Book 8: Sleep, Sheep! I read this to every class except Campbell/Dencev, Paparella/VanOosterhout, Burnett-Cooke/Tanner, O'Keefe
Book 9: Sloth at the Zoom - I didn't get to read this to any of my classes :(
Book 10: That's Not Hockey! I did not get a chance to read this to any of my classes :(
Cartoon sheep knitting

Welcome to the Knit Wits page! This is the place to go if you need help remembering how to do some knitting basics, as well as links to awesome patterns and other knitting fun! Knit Wits meet every Tuesday and Wednesday at lunch recess and we keep each other in stitches with laughter and good times!

How to Make a Slipknot

Before you can start knitting, you need to put stitches on your needle. Your very first stitch is actually a slip knot. A slip knot is really useful because it the loop that make can be loosened or tightened very easily. Once you make your slip knot, you can put it on your knitting needle and begin to cast on. Check out the video or download the printable instructions!
How to Make a Slip Knot - Video by Mrs. Zammit

How to do a Long Tail Cast On

The next step to knitting is casting on stitches. There are numerous ways to cast on, but this is a great method for beginner knitters. The long tail cast on using your thumb creates a nice stretchy edge on your finished project. Just remember to give yourself enough tail yarn to put on your stitches and still have enough yarn to weave into your work after you finish knitting. Check out this step-by-step instruction sheet for details on how to cast on!
How to do a Long Tail Cast On - Video by Mrs. Zammit


How to do the Knit Stitch

It's finally time to start knitting! Click on the video below to watch Mrs. Zammit demonstrate the knit stitch. You can also link to the PDF below to get step-by-step instructions on how to do the knit stitch, as well as links to other videos to help you knit like a pro!