Highlights from the December Board Meeting

Chair and Vice ChairBoard of Trustees Chair and Vice-Chair

Congratulations to our re-elected 2020 Board Chair John Jevnikar and Vice-Chair Mary Wolfs.  We thank John and Mary for their leadership and service to our LDCSB community.


Realignment of Secondary ESL Program

The 2019 Capital Plan included discussion regarding over capacity concerns at Catholic Central High School (CCH). By 2023-24, the pupil place deficit at Catholic Central is expected to grow to 62 spaces. This is a concern because there is no space on this site to accommodate portables for over-enrolment.


The following recommendations were approved:

  • That Mother Teresa be added as a third secondary school offering ESL courses in London effective September 2020;
  • That students entering Grade 9 or 10 and who reside in the catchment area of Mother Teresa and Saint André Bessette receiving ESL instruction attend Mother Teresa.
  • That students who are entering Grade 11 or 12 and are currently attending CCH will be given the choice to move to Mother Teresa or remain at CCH.


Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School Breakfast Program

Holy Cross Catholic Secondary's School to Community Pathways Program prepares 300 daily servings of protein, carbohydrate and fruit or vegetable, for the school wide Breakfast Program. Students, with the help of their classroom teacher and educational assistants prepare, make and cook a variety of home cooked meals and fresh fruits and vegetables.


MindUP Project

The MindUP for Young Children project is implementing and evaluating a mindfulness-informed, evidence-based social and emotional learning intervention within a trauma-informed framework to full-day kindergarten children in the LDCSB.


More info available here


Active and Safe Routes to School Program

The Active and Safe Routes to School Program is an established partnership model with local school boards, police, health units, municipalities and research agencies who encourage parents/guardians and children to choose active travel as a preferred mode choice. The program has built capacity to support school travel planning initiatives at three LDCSB elementary school sites.


Annual Report from Southwestern Ontario Student Transportation Services

Each fall, Southwestern Ontario Student Transportation Services (STS, also known as MyBigYellowBus), provides a summary of the activities of the transportation consortium for the previous school year.

Link to full report


Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) “Right to Read” Inquiry

The OHRC wants to hear from Ontario public school students, parents and educators about the experiences of students who have or may have reading disabilities at [email protected], 416-314-4547 or 1-800-387-9080.