Wellness Wednesdays: Mental Health and Well-being Tips for all

Finding Solutions

Conflict is a natural part of all relationships. Resolving conflict with another person takes some effort and caring. It requires us to hear the other person’s take on things. It takes being caring and forgiving when someone hurts us.
Our mental wellness is highly linked to having positive relationships in our life; when we feel connected, we feel safe and secure. Here at LDCSB, we are dedicated to conflict resolution by way of Restorative Circles. Within restorative circles work is done with students in a respectful inclusive manner to improve student, teacher and school culture relationships. We aren’t just telling people to be nice or to listen; we are showing them how.
In today’s Wellness Wednesday post, we practice essential conflict resolution skills.

Try this:

As a class, group or family brainstorm why people don’t always get along. What are some scenarios where people get into conflict?
From your brainstorming, take one of the scenarios that is not a current issue and as a group apply the following steps:
  1. Identify the issue – what are the different perspectives?
  2. Take some time to identify how you truly feel about the issue.
  3. Now you are ready to understand another’s perspective. Listen actively to each perspective:
    • Remember good listening skills such as: Look at the speaker, listen without interrupting, take turns to speak, use actions, such as head nodding, to show that you understand the other person
  4. Think about the issue from all perspectives:
    • Now that you have listened to the other perspectives, how would you feel if you were them? What would be important to you if you were them?
  5. Try to stay calm until as a group you have reached a couple of possible solutions to the issue that will make everyone satisfied.
Ask yourself, there is no wrong answer:
If you were to try this conflict resolution skill another time, how do you think it might resolve an issue? How do you think everyone involved would feel after?

Connecting to Our Faith

Lord Almighty, anger, hatred and bitterness are not of You. You are the God of grace, God of peace, God of mercy but most importantly, You are the God of love. Teach me to forgive and resolve any conflicts that may arise. Help those around me to resolve their situations and may we all execute that never-failing eternal love to one another. Amen

Further Learning

Adult Book:
Restorative Circles in Schools: Building Community and Enhancing Learning by Bob Costello, Joshua Wachtel, Ted Wachtel
Restorative Circles in Schools: Building Community and Enhancing Learning by Bob Costello, Joshua Wachtel, Ted Wachtel

Book for Kids and Parents:
Can I Tell You About…Forgiveness? By Liz Gulliford
Can I Tell You About…Forgiveness? By Liz Gulliford
Employees of LDCSB checkout WorkLifeHealth from EAP Provider Morneau Sheppell
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